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What our clients say


  • Biosintex announces rebranding campaign

    Bucharest, September 20, 2019 Biosintex, the only Romanian manufacturer of surgical suture materials, the leader of the internal market and important exporter in more than 20 countries worldwide, ann ...

What our clients say

  • We have been working with Biosintex for years and, during this period, we have been able to appreciate the professionalism of the team and the quality of the sutures. We made a good decision by choosing Biosintex products, both as regards the types and sizes of sutures and needles. We focus on the dental market and our customers confirm the reliability of the sutures. We see the quality of the products from customer loyalty fact, we have a very high percentage of professionals who remain faithful to the products, after trying the Biosintex sutures.

    Loli Gian Luca, CEO Allmed, Italy
  • Quality is a highly appreciated requirement in our company. That’s why, we as “Ka-M Medical” Ltd. are confident and proud to present Biosintex’ sutures on our Bulgarian market. The complete portfolio of sutures in both absorbable and non-absorbable types had a positive feedback from our customers and are more than competitive with the well-known brands worldwide. Biosintex is a responsible and reliable manufacturer with a team of professionals, fulfilling both expectations - ours and our clients.

    Milena Spasova, Product Manager Ka-M Medical, Bulgary
  • We think that the sutures from BIOSINTEX have a very good quality because hospitals and sanatoria from our country appreciate them a lot. We import NYLON MONO, BIOPRO, BIOSILK and BICRIL and we will continue doing it.

    Farm. Andres Boiago, Technical Director Drogueria Comarsa Argentina
  • I appreciate the quality of BIOSINTEX suture especially it’s resistance to knotting, the exceptional quality of the needles, the materials used, ensuring that the products meets to our expectations.

    Dr. Schaas Carmina Mihaela, Head of OR Department, Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Cuza Voda
  • We appreciate BIOSINTEX sutures for their quality. We found the sutures safe and effective, with superior handling characteristics, providing a good knot security and minimal tissue reaction. Our clients are pleasantly surprised especially by the non-absorbable range, such as Biopro, Bioster, Biosilk. However, BIOSINTEX has a complete portfolio – absorbable and non-absorbable sutures - which allows us to further meet all the needs of our healthcare professionals. At the same time, we want to thank and appreciate BIOSINTEX team, who have shown maximum professionalism and reliability during our collaboration.

    Bercha Valeriy, Director Medical Service Ukraine
  • The standards of Romanian Students' Society of Surgery’s workshops are maintained at a high level, thanks to the BIOSINTEX sutures, which help us meet the expectations and demands of our teachers, from whom we have received rave reviews regarding our partnership with BIOSINTEX. The quality of BIOSINTEX sutures leads to a high level of professionalism, wich is necessary for the future doctors. We are grateful to BIOSINTEX team for their professionalism, compassion and interest in supporting the continuous medical education.

    Romanian Students' Society of Surgery
  • When in the middle of surgery and all manoeuvres are vital for the pacient, the assurance of quality materials is a must in order to sustain a correct surgical procedure. With BIOSINTEX, we have that assurance.

    Dr. Florin Săvulescu, Col, MD, PhD, Head of Department of Surgery, Central Military University Emergency Hospital ”Dr. Carol Davila”
  • We are satisfied of our relationship with BIOSINTEX, based on good quality of device, services and delivery time.

    Benedetta Moroni, Quality Assurance, Fazzini SRL, Italy
  • BIOSINTEX products are of very high quality, on a par if not better than many other established brands. We have no hesitation in recommending them in every way possible. They make us look good with our clients, and this means increased business for us in our very difficult market. A client for BIOSINTEX is not just a client, but a friend.

    Mario Debono, Director Alphafarma
  • It is still talked about the poor quality products that are delivered to Romanian hospitals. We had the pleasure to disagree to this! As a doctor who has worked several years in western Europe, I can confirm that the sutures, meshes and other disposables produced by BIOSINTEX are of the same quality as equivalent products used in the west. Colleagues of mine have also agreed to this.

    Conf. Dr. Vărcuș Flore, Coordinator of OR Department, County Emergency Clinical Hospital Timisoara
  • I would like to express my gratitude to BIOSINTEX, for the great service offered in terms of prompt deliveries of their products. I am very pleased with the quality of BIOSINTEX’s products, and especially with the price/quality ratio. There are many products on the market, but BIOSINTEX's products are distinguished by a very good quality at a decent price, which makes me choose them every time I have this opportunity.

    Dr. Seicean Radu, Primary Surgeon, Clinical Emergency Hospital Cluj-Napoca

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