Biosintex announces rebranding campaign

Biosintex announces rebranding campaign

Bucharest, September 20, 2019

Biosintex, the only Romanian manufacturer of surgical suture materials, the leader of the internal market and important exporter in more than 20 countries worldwide, announces the change of the trade names for several of its medical devices, part of a rebranding strategy with protected trademarks.

After a period of sustained growth of the company Biosintex, it is time to move to a new phase in the activity dedicated to the needs of the health system, doctors and patients.

The proven and recognized excellent quality of our surgical sutures will be complemented by this rebranding that better reflects the values we share with our clients.

The following surgical sutures will be manufactured under the new names:

  • BICRIL, polyglycolic acid multifilament coated absorbable, becomes DACRIL.
  • BICRIL RAPID, polyglycolic acid multifilament coated fast absorbable, becomes DACRIL RAPID.
  • BICRIL 910, poly(glycolide-co-Lactide) (90/10) multifilament coated absorbable, becomes DACRIL 910

  • We will continue to offer same high-quality medical devices that will ensure the safety and comfort of the operative act, as well as the rapid postoperative recovery of patients, as we used to.

    About Biosintex

    Biosintex was founded in 2002 by a family of doctors, with the aim of protecting people’s health and taking part in saving human lives.

    The company produces surgical sutures in a wide range of types and sizes, with or without needle, by using next-generation technology, high quality raw materials, certified by prestigious certification bodies.

    The quality management system is aligned with the international standards in force while the medical devices comply with the latest regulatory requirements regarding safety and performance.

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    Phone: +40 21 2660001

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