Biosintex announces completion of the rebranding campaign

Biosintex announces completion of the rebranding campaign

Bucharest, 12 March 2020

Biosintex, the only Romanian manufacturer of surgical suture materials, the leader of the internal market and important exporter in more than 20 countries worldwide, announces the completion of its campaign of changing the trade names for its medical devices, part of the rebranding strategy with protected trademarks.

The proven and recognized excellent quality of our surgical sutures is complemented by this rebranding that better reflects the values we share with our clients.

The same surgical sutures will be manufactured under the new names:

  • Polyamide (tip 6.6) suture monofilament synthetic non-absorbable, NYLON MONO becomes BIONIL MONOx
  • Polyamide (tip 6.6) suture multifilament synthetic coated non-absorbable, NYLON MULTI becomes BIONIL MULTIx

We will continue to offer same high-quality medical devices that will ensure the safety and comfort of the operative act, as well as the rapid postoperative recovery of patients.

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Phone: +40 21 2660001

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